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Absolute Plastics was built on over 60 years of packaging experience.

Our products have approximately 40% less cube than foam and are designed to save you space

Developed 40% natural PP takeout and food containers

Invented a Patented Lid Seal Technology to resist leaking and spills


Absolute Plastics offers a wide range of products designed around functionality, sustainability and convenience.


  • Our products significantly reduce logistics costs and have approximately 40% less cube than foam.
  • Our composite material is superior to standard polypropylene with respect to stiffness and higher temperature performance. It is both dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.
  • Restaurant staff and patrons prefer the space savings, ease of use, and snap closure of our patented lid fit.


Absolute Plastics is dedicated to adding an environmentally focused dimension to the private label top category through using innovative materials such as compostable, sustainable paper and 70% post-consumer recyclable plastic.


  • Used by over 2000 restaurants, the hinged PP product line addresses the environmental and performance issues related to foam
  • We strive for sustainability through reduction; natural minerals replace 40% of the plastic in our products to increase strength, lower cost, and dampen price swings due to changes in oil pricing.
  • Absolute Plastics products are all made in the United States. Supporting products made in the USA strengthens our economy, protects our environmental standards, and creates jobs in the US.


With Absolute Plastics design a container that creates a solution. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success with services like:

  • Rapid turnaround of product designs, concept and drawings
  • State-of-the-art computer design and production equipment
  • 3D Printing fast prototyping for design, fit, and function verification
  • Virtual product drawings allow for 3-D viewing product designs via E-Drawings In-house design ensures privacy
  • Have on-site capability to make commercial dies and cavity inserts
  • A highly experienced design, production, and distribution team to provide a quick implementation of your program