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As a part of rePlanet Holdings, Absolute Plastics is one of the first plastics packaging suppliers that is building a closed loop recycling system for packaging. rePlanet collection has over 700 collection centers that collect PET, aluminum cans and glass. ECO2 Plastics has the capability to shred and clean over 60 million pounds of recovered PET. Absolute Plastics uses recycled PET (rPET) to produce new PET packaging custom designed to meet the application.

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When rePlanet says every bottle counts, they mean it. Every year, rePlanet collect billions of containers from countless Californians. These containers put millions of dollars into people’s hands, which makes a real difference – from putting dollars in your wallet, to keeping containers out of the landfill, to supporting community and national causes. At rePlanet, making every bottle count is more than just adding up numbers, it’s about making a difference and creating real value.


rePlanet has built the largest recycling collection network in the country and partnered with every major grocery chain to make sure a recycling location is always nearby in California. Simply bring in your bottles and get your extra spending money, or donate your recycling dollars to a cause you care about. Recycling with rePlanet is easy and rewarding.

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ECO2 Plastics

rePlanet Holdings, Inc. owns ECO2 Plastics, a PET bottle washing company. With ECO2, rePlanet has the ability to recover and clean our own collected bottles. Once the PET bottle is collected and baled, the label and caps are removed and the bottle is shredded. The shredded PET is then systematically cleaned for safe use in producing new beverage bottles or PET packaging.


Absolute Plastics

Absolute Plastics is dedicated to cost effective innovation and sells a full line of 40% natural PP takeout and food containers for Restaurants and Food processors. This line of microwave safe products uses 40% less petroleum based products. Absolute Plastics was the first to develop 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Microwavable packaging and provides low cost foam replacement containers, 70% PCR clear bakery packaging, and 50% PCR CPET packaging.

Penny Plate

Founded in 1948, Penny Plate, LLC has been committed to innovation, identifying opportunities to exceed customer expectations, and entering the market as a low cost provider. Today, Penny Plate has one of the most extensive lines of aluminum containers, selling to Foodservice, Retail, and Packer Processor industries. Inventors of the widely used rolled rim technology, Penny Plate continues to be one of the leading innovators in aluminum container packaging. We pride ourselves in the sustainability of our products, and our aluminum containers are 100% recyclable.