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Custom Innovation


At left is a diagram of our innovative sealing system. Absolute Plastics’ patented lid fit uses three distinct seals to resist leaking and help prevent spills. The lid audibly attaches both inside the bowl and outside the bowl flange. When the button on the outside of lid snaps over the bowl flange, the seal bead is pulled down to add a third seal against the bowl flange. These three seals (inside the bowl, on top of the flange and over the bowl flange) work together to prevent spills. Additionally, the outside buttons keep the lid attached to the bowl in case the entire package is dropped to help prevent the contents from spilling out.

Not only does the lid create a tight, leak resistant seal, but also easily attaches to the bowl and audibly snaps into place to let you know it is secure. Here at Absolute Plastics, we are committed to sustainable innovation that gives you added assurance against leaks and spills.

Creating a Custom Container or Plate


At Absolute Plastics, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality products that fit their needs. If you would like a container that we do not offer, please contact us at info@absoluteplastics.com and include the information below:

1. Current Packaging Code, Description, and Dimensions

2. Annual Container/Plate Usage

3. Application of Packaging

4. Your Type of Business (retail, processor, etc.)

5. Do you Co-Pack? Do you need a Co-Packer?

6. Container/Plate Requirements: Top Out, Top In, Bottom, Depth, Capacity

7. Any other Requirements/Comments